Why Heroes Matter

Matching Classrooms with Motivational & Inspirational Guest Speakers

What is HEROES For Students?

HEROES For Students brings together K-12 students and motivational guest speakers from the community. Here’s how students learn how to apply their academic content to the real world:

  • Expose. When students are exposed to diverse careers and professions, they broaden their options for what they want to be when they grow up.
  • Engage. Students are more engaged in their classroom learning when they understand how it is relevant to their success in college and future careers.
  • Empower. Students are empowered when they have contact with motivational guest speakers with diverse experiences, knowledge, and skills. They begin to imagine themselves achieving similar outcomes.

The Benefits for Teachers…

Finding, scheduling, and planning content for guest speakers is time consuming, creating barriers for already-busy teachers who know the value of bringing motivational and inspirational guest speakers into their classrooms. Guest speakers can provide valuable perspectives to students about careers and life outside the classroom by exposing them to diverse experiences and life journeys.

Since teachers have a lot on their plates, partnering with HEROES For Students makes bringing guest speakers to classrooms a simple process for teachers—and a meaningful experience for students.

The curriculum ensures that speakers’ presentations effectively engage students with topics that teach students important skills through research-based content.

Imagine the impact this could have on students’ lives…

90% of students become more curious about other careers and want to hear from more speakers.

The Benefits for Community Guest Speakers…

Community guest speakers present real-world lessons about Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, and Perseverance as seen through their personal and professional experiences that can transform students’ lives. Nearly 70% of the community guest speakers say getting involved in HEROES For Students was worth their personal involvement. And 85% of our HEROES are committed to speaking to another class of students.

HEROES For Students provides the lessons and materials for community guest speakers, making planning and preparation easy and simple to follow. The lessons allow speakers to customize the content with their personal and professional experiences.

Imagine the impact you could have by partnering with HEROES For Students…

73% of students say HEROES For Students guest speakers had a lasting impact on their lives.

How HEROES For Students Impacts Lives…

  • 90% of students saying that hearing from speakers made them curious about careers and want to hear from more speakers.
  • 79% of students saying they gained new understanding of workplace skills after guest speakers visit.
  • 97% of students demonstrated new understanding of workplace skills (leadership, teamwork, innovation, and perseverance) after hearing from four different guest speakers about each of the four different topics.

And most importantly…

  • 73% of students saying the guest speakers had a lasting impact on their lives.

How HEROES For Students Works…

A teacher or administrator creates a brief profile, then they select when they would like to have a guest speaker and also indicate what topic they would like presented in their classroom (Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, or Perseverance). Finally, the teacher or school pays the speaker fee (viable funding sources are available).

HEROES For Students markets the speaking opportunity to our community network of professional guest speakers. When a speaker accepts the engagement, they are provided the curriculum and resources.

An introductory email is sent to both the classroom teacher and the speaker.

The speaker visits the classroom on the date selected and gives the presentation to the students, often changing students’ and the speaker’s lives.

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