Our Story

HEROES (helping educators revive our economic success) is a standards-based classroom curriculum supplement and online platform for networking K-12 teachers to guest speakers from the community to apply students' academic content to the real world. The connections we foster between students and professional guest speakers have at least three important implications for students' future success:

Our Values

Change: We seek to develop business-education partnerships that will create transformational change in ways that businesses are able to successfully grow, connect with, and retain their customers through community support. We also value ways these relationships will bring transformational change to students’ education, so students are able to critically think and apply their education to their future college and career opportunities.

Knowledge Utilization and Application: The business community understands the knowledge and skills the incoming workforce must have in order to be successful in a rapidly changing global market. We must share this understanding with students and educators at all levels to develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary to apply students’ daily learning to the real world.

Innovation: We understand that the current students will be the next workforce of this nation. By connecting classroom learning to post-secondary professions, students will be able to innovatively create solutions for tomorrow’s challenges. By connecting with students and educators, businesses will benefit as they gain experience innovatively preparing students for college and career readiness, which ultimately will increase the quality of their future workforce.

Diversity: We seek a diverse group of businesses to partner with educators to expose students and educators to the variety of ways academic content applies to the real world. This requires a diversity of professions to partner with our schools. Additionally, the future workforce is increasingly diverse culturally, and we strive to seek partnerships with community professionals who reflect the diversity of the students we serve.

Service: We act on the belief that service develops an education of both the mind and heart, regardless of age or background. Acts of service from the business community will demonstrate to the next generation that serving others has an incredible benefit for the way we think and interact with each other in our community, nation, and world.