Hosting Guest Speakers

Things to Know…

There is a charge for bringing guest speakers into your classroom. It is pro-rated based on socioeconomic status to ease the burden on lower-income districts.

Cost for hosting a guest speaker:

Low Socioeconomic Status schools — $100

High Socioeconomic Status schools — $250

Possible Funding Sources…

There are several ways you can fund the guest speaker charge without dipping into your school’s general fund. Some options include:

  • Federal Funds like Title I, ELI (Title III), 21st Century Skills (Title IV), Special Education (IDEA).
  • Education Tax Credits like Character Development Programs or Enrichment and Extracurricular.
  • Corporate/Individual sponsors who are willing to sponsor a school or classroom, a speaker, or a workplace skill. Sponsors can also match your school’s fundraising efforts.
  • Fundraising through Donors Choose and Pledge Cents, popular fundraising platforms that have partners with HEROES For Students.

Topics for Guest Speakers…

  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Perseverance

How to Register…

To register as a teacher or administrator, fill out this brief Classroom Survey.

Choose the date you would like to host a guest speaker and the topic to be presented.

HEROES For Students will contact you to match you with speakers