Guest Speaking Opportunities

Recall someone who mentored you or showed you the path you’re on today…

You know how important having someone show you a path for your life was to you. HEROES For Students is an easy way to make the impact you know makes all the difference. It doesn’t take much time and you will give students a path and vision that they will remember.

Share your experiences…

You have a valuable story and skills to share with low-income students that can open their eyes to the possibilities. These students often lack exposure to careers and opportunities that are available.

Topics for Guest Speakers…

  • Teamwork
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Perseverance

How to Register…

To register as guest speaker, fill out this brief HERO profile.

Guest speakers are provided the lessons and materials, making planning and presenting easy and quick.

You can customize the content by sharing your personal experiences regarding the topic.

HEROES For Students will contact you with guest speaking opportunities.