Students can’t be what they can’t see…

How do you inspire the next generation to become productive members of the workforce if they don’t know about the opportunities out there?

HEROES For Students connects teachers and schools with highly trained educational guest speakers from the professional community to bring their expertise and insight into your classroom.

HEROES are more than just a guest speaker. These professionals provide a guided presentation from a standard-based workforce development curriculum on the topics of Leadership, Teamwork, Innovation, and Perseverance.

HEROES For Students solves problems…


  • Hard to find educational speakers
  • Guest speakers lack training and preparation
  • A lot of back-and-forth emails to schedule a speaker


  • Limited understanding of workplace skills leads to under performance
  • Lower career interest leads to lower placements
  • Lower expectations lead to disempowerment


  • No way for professionals to reach out to the school systems that could use their help
  • Lack of a curriculum-focused approach to speaking to students

SOLUTION: HEROES For Students brings educational guest speakers to schools to inspire the next generation of leaders through career exposure and workforce development.

What you get with HEROES For Students

  • A database of trained guest speakers from a wide variety of professional careers.
  • A workforce development curriculum around Innovation, Leadership, Perseverance, and Teamwork that allows guest speakers to share personal and professional experiences.
  • Students are exposed to careers and skills sets, engaged through activity-based experiences, and empowered to apply the workplace skill in their own lives.
  • Scheduling technology that automates and streamlines the entire process, saving time and effort.

THE RESULT: Students reach their full potential by breaking down structures of power and privilege.

90% of students say that hearing from guest speakers made them curious about careers and want to hear from more speakers.
79% of students say they gained new understanding of workplace skills after speaker visit.
73% of students say the guest speaker had a lasting impact on their lives.

HEROES For Students is a community of…

  • Registered teachers who want to engage their students with professional speakers from a wide variety of backgrounds, educational experience, and workplace experience.
  • Professionals who are excited to bring their expertise and experiences to students who wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to their professions.
  • School systems that, like teachers, want to offer more to their student population to broaden their horizons.
  • Businesses and organizations that support on a variety of levels the mission of HEROES For Students.